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  • By Mike McQuarrie
  • 22 Mar, 2016
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Your Energy, Your Business

When was the last time that your safety switches were tested? If your answer is ‘longer than a year’ or ‘never’,it’s time to call your local electrician . A safety switch is something that needs to be in perfect working order and ready to activate in a split second, in a moment of need. As with all mechanical devices, they are prone to failure and require regular testing. So why exactly are they so important?

What Is An Electrical Safety Switch?

Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers and surge diverters. Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and detect a problem that may pose a risk to personal safety and turn the power off within 0.03 of a second. Electrical standards require all premises to have safety switches, so if something goes wrong with the electrical side, the switch will activate in a millisecond.

It’s very important to understand electrical safety switches and have them checked on a yearly basis by an electrician. This is fundamental for ensuring safety in the workplace or at home.

Electricians In Noosaville

Regardless of whether you own or rent, you should consider having safety switches installed on all circuits. Safety switches protect you, your family and anyone visiting the property from electric shock.The risk is real and one safety switch may not be enough. If you are unsure if a safety switch is installed at your property, contact a registered electrical contractor. Looking to hire a trusted, local sparky in Noosaville and surrounds? Call Laguna Electrical Services today, on 07 5473 0422.

By Mike McQuarrie 13 Sep, 2016

Understanding your electricity meter

Whether you live in a family-sized house or a small, inner-city apartment, your home is likely fitted with an electricity meter. Used to measure the amount of electricity you use throughout a certain period, your electricity meter is read by your energy provider come bill time. By better understanding how you use electricity, including which appliances or products use the most, can help you save money off your bill in the long run. For more detailed information on your electricity consumption get in touch with the Laguna Electrical team on the Sunshine Coast.


Bad electricity habits

Forgot to switch off the oven after dinner? Left your curling iron on all day? Bad electricity habits can result in more consumption and a bigger energy bill. Don’t worry, we’re guilty too! It’s not always easy to change electricity habits, but they do impact the damage of your electricity bill. While we don’t want you living in the dark, making an effort to make simple changes to your electricity habits - such as turning off light switches and double-checking appliances - can make a big difference to your bottom line.


Power saving

Selecting energy efficient appliances and products can drastically reduce your electricity consumption and your bill. Taking note of the energy star rating of everything from fridges to your home entertainment equipment can relieve some of your energy usage. Get in touch with the Laguna Electrical team to find out more about energy efficient appliances, lighting and products that will meet your living needs.

Call to action: For more on electricity meters and your usage call (07) 5473 0422.

By Mike McQuarrie 13 Sep, 2016

A common misunderstanding about electrical safety is that if circuit breakers and in particular Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) are installed in switchboards then we are protected from being severely harmed in case of an electrical fault.

This is not always the case.

The purpose of an RCD is to cut the power off within milliseconds of a fault being detected but you will still feel an electric shock.  Not a good thing for the elderly, children or those with a heart problem.

It is a current requirement to have RCD protection on all NEW lighting & power circuits however this has not always been the case. Older premises may not have RCD protection on lighting circuits so even changing a light bulb can cause you serious harm if the fitting is faulty.

Play it safe and call Laguna Electrical Services if you are in doubt.

By Mike McQuarrie 25 Aug, 2016

One of the most common calls we get is to restore power to a tripped circuit. Here are a few tips on how to locate & fix the problem without doing anything dangerous.

1.      Disconnect all appliances that are on the affected circuit. Don’t just turn the switch off – you must carefully remove the plug from the wall.

2.      Go to your switchboard & re-set the circuit breaker that has tripped.

3.      If the circuit breaker will not re-set then you either haven’t disconnected ALL the appliances or the circuit breaker and/or cabling is faulty. Call Laguna Electrical and we’ll come out and replace/repair it 24/7. Don’t bother with steps 4, 5, 6 & 7.

4.      Reconnect the appliances one at a time and turn the power on until the circuit breaker trips again.

5.      You have just found the faulty appliance. Replace the appliance with a new one or have it repaired by a professional before plugging it back in.

6.      Go to the switchboard again & re-set the circuit breaker.

7.      You just saved yourself the cost of an electrician.

Call us today on (07) 5473 0422

By Mike McQuarrie 25 Aug, 2016

Laguna Electrical only employs the most highly trained & experienced electricians for your power & data needs. No job is too big or small. We look after residential customers, who just want us to repair a light,and some of the biggest companies, shopping centres, hotels and resorts in the land. All our staff are all locals so we don’t need to charge Brisbane rates like many of our competitors.

Call us today on (07) 5473 0422

By Mike McQuarrie 22 Jul, 2016

With the cost of electricity continually rising year on year it’s no wonder that the modern trend is to replace existing lighting with an LED alternative. Power consumption is significantly less and the lamp life is generally 5 times more than the old fluorescent and incandescent. They cost a little more but over the long haul they are definitely cost effective. Call Laguna Electrical to discuss your options.

By Mike McQuarrie 22 Jul, 2016

Australian Standards and Workplace Health & Safety Regulations require the periodic testing and inspection of electrical equipment. The type & frequency of this testing depends on where, what & how the equipment is used. See the table below for the recommended frequency for Testing & Tagging of appliances and the testing of Residual Current Devices (RCD’s). Businesses should take note that this is a legal obligation and in many cases, an insurance company’s prerequisite for settling a claim. Laguna Electrical performs thousands of these tests each year.

By Mike McQuarrie 25 May, 2016
Some of the simplest household appliances can ruin circuit power within your home —even the humble toaster. And these appliances don’ t just cause trouble within the working hours of 9am and 5pm either. Having an after hours electrical service or electrician that you can trust and is there for you 24/7, is a great way to avoid these problems.

Emergency Electrical Responses
Power tripping is the most common electrical emergency response we encounter. The lights go out in the entire house because the circuit power has tripped, caused by anything from plugging in a toaster to the most trivial electric appliance being faulty. You could be facing an overloaded circuit, a short circuit or a ground fault. A qualified after hours electrical service contractor can quickly find the issue and restore your power, so you can get on with your day, or go back to sleep! Emergency electricians are trained in their duties to perform electrical repairs, even under adverse circumstances and strict time module.

After Hours Electrical Services Noosaville
When you have to call an electrician, it’ s often because there is a problem that needs immediate attention. Looking to hire a trusted, local sparky in Noosaville and surrounds? We offer 24 hour electrician call outs for a competitive price, all around Noosaville, QLD. Whether you’ re a domestic or commercial customer, we provide a wide array of electrical services and installations. We have a friendly and supportive team and we welcome your calls. Call Laguna Electrical Services today, on 07 5473 0422.  

In everything we do, we put our customers first!
By Mike McQuarrie 25 May, 2016
It seems common sense that any electrical work should be performed by a qualified electrician. However, for many property owners, it can be tempting to perform the work themselves, especially when it seems to be the cheaper option. But using a friend, trying to save with a cheaper contractor or attempting to DIY can pose a life threatening risk. With so many risks associated with poorly completed work, always ensure that your electrician is a qualified professional with an electrical license.

Ask To See An Electrical License
The electrical trade falls under the Government requirements and is regulated by the department of justice, as it is a potentially dangerous job. The electrician you choose should be a fully licensed electrical contractor and should be able to provide you with their license number. Don’ t be embarrassed to ask to see their electrical contractor’ s license, as this is well within your rights and is necessary for your safety. If the electrician cannot prove that they are accredited by the Government to work as an electrician, you should never hire them.

Qualified Electrician Noosaville
Check with your local government agency that your electrician is properly licensed and qualified. This is a simple task and will only take a few minutes. Once you have verified the status of an electrician, ask them for a few references. This will allow you to observe their past electrical work and make sure that other customers have not had any problems with the electricians work down the track. Looking to hire a trusted, local sparky in Noosaville and surrounds? Call Laguna Electrical Services today on 07 5473 0422!
By Mike McQuarrie 22 Apr, 2016
Safety In The Workplace Is Non-Negotiable

Safety in the workplace isan emphasised priority with electricians asitis easy tobe injured in our line of work. As electricians, we must fulfil Government requirements that prove wecannot be injured or cause injury in our line of work.

Worksafe Electrical Licensing

A person who performs electrical work in Queensland must have an electrical work licence authorising the work for their safety and the safety of their clients. Licensed electrical workers are required by law to ensure electrical work is performed inaccordance with legislative requirements and any applicable codes of practice. Electrical safety officeis the police department for electricians and we must prove that our meters and calibration equipment are upto working standards.

Licensed electrical contractors are required to meet specific insurance requirements including having a minimum of$5million public liability insurance, with a $50,000 consumer protection component. Unlicensed and DIY electrical work does not provide this assurance or protection.

Always Call A Professional
While you may think you can save some money by 'having a go’ at electrical work yourself, stop.

Ask yourself: isit worth risking your life or that of a loved one? Not only is DIY electrical work breaking the law, you could also be jeopardising your insurance! Even when you think you know what you’ re doing, never attempt todo your own electrical work. It’ s dangerous, illegal and can be fatal. Always get a licensed electrical contractor todo any electrical work.

Looking to hire a trusted, local sparky in Noosaville and surrounds? Call Laguna Electrical Services today on 07 5473 0422.
By Mike McQuarrie 22 Apr, 2016
Build A Connection With Your Noosaville Electrician
People usually service their cars in the same place, mostly because they trust the mechanic, and they know the vehicle and client requirements. This should be the same between a home or private business and an electrician. Building a long-term business connection with your Noosaville sparky provides a more efficient service and is a great way to save yourself time. 
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